Course Details

B.Sc - Computer Science

The Department is manned by academically well qualified faculty with good teaching and research experience, who dispel the academic doubts of the students all the times with great care and concern. Apart from teaching University Curriculum, the staff of the department mainly focuses on building a sound analytical skill among the students in the domain of information technology. To travel on this focus, our students are made to pass through training in recent developments taking place in information technology all over the world in the areas of Big Data, Artificial intelligence, Mobile Computing, Virtual Neural Net work, Cloud Computing etc., by means of Guest Lectures by eminent resource persons and frequent Industrial Visits. Besides, the students are periodically taught and made to practice good moral and ethics in their association with their surroundings. At Aksheyaa, we regularly identify the skill gap exist between academic and industry and bridge this gap through a well designed academic programmes every semester. This results in our students landing in lucrative job and life career.

S.NO Course of Study - (1st Semester) Course of Study - (3rd Semester)
1 Tamil -I Tamil
2 English-I English
3 Programming in “C” Mathematics
4 Mathematics - I Programming in C++ & Data Structure
5 Programming in “C Lab” Programming in C++ & Data Structure Lab
5 Non Major Elective HTML
Day/hour 1 2 3 4 5 6
I Maths C C Lab C Lab English C
II Foc Lab Foc Lab English C Maths Tamil
III C Maths English Tamil P.ED P.ED
IV C Lab C Lab Maths C Tamil English
V Maths Tamil C English Tamil Spoken English
VI C Lab C Lab Maths NME Tamil English