Course Details

B.Sc - Chemistry

There is a huge dement for chemists and druggists in India. As a result, the degree in chemistry is gaining currency now days. To tap this potential to the fullest extent and help the students to sail with the winds easily, we, at Aksheyaa, plan the degree programme in chemistry in such a way that our students master all theoretical and practical aspects of chemistry with help of dynamic and academically sound staff team. This enable our students acquire 360˚ of the subject. This mastery of over the subjects make our students easily find a highly paid professional carrier with no fear about job security. Because, wherever our students go for job placements, they are easily absorbed. Moreover, we conduct periodical Guest lectures, workshops, conferences, seminar, and symposium etc., So that our students understand practical world and also acquire good qualities like team building and good organizations. Our students are also exposed to good ethics and morals periodically to make them sensitive to follow human beings and responsible good citizens.

S.NO Course of Study - (1st Semester) Course of Study - (3rd Semester)
1 Tamil -I Tamil-II
2 English-I English-II
3 General Chemistry
4 Maths Allied
5 Non Major Elective
6 Soft Skill
Day/hour 1 2 3 4 5 6
I Chemistry English A.M NME A.M Tamil
II Chem LAB Chem LAB Chem LAB Chemistry A.M Tamil
III Chemistry English Tamil NME FOC FOC
IV Tamil A.M English Chemistry English Spoken English
V A.M Tamil Chemistry chemistry Tamil English
VI Chemistry English A.M NME PE.d/CUL PE.d/CUL